Alternative minimum tax abatement and
refundable minimum tax credits expanded

Telephone Seminar

Registration deadline is Tuesday, October 28

Do you have an unpaid federal tax bill for alternative minimum tax (AMT) relating to the exercise of an incentive stock option (ISO)?

Do you have a federal minimum tax credit carryover that you are wondering if you will ever recover?

Your cries have been heard!

After eight years of undying patience by volunteer organizations like Reform AMT and the Coalition for Tax Fairness, tax relief that will really help has finally been enacted, effective in 2008.

Certain unpaid tax liabilities and related penalties and interest have been abated. You no longer owe them!

Severe limitations on refundable minimum tax credits have been eliminated, so if you have minimum tax credits that are more than three years old, you will receive a tax benefit for them starting 2008! (The refundable minimum tax credit is still scheduled to expire after 2012.)

Find out the details by participating in a telephone seminar by Michael Gray, CPA, who writes Michael Gray, CPA’s Option Alert and is also the author of Secrets of Tax Planning For Employee Stock Options, Stock Grants and ESOPs, Second Edition and the Employee Stock Options – Executive Tax Planning, 2008 Edition.

Michael’s special guests for this call are Tim Carlson, President of the Coalition for Tax Fairness and Angela Hartley and Jay Cena with Reform AMT. (Jay Cena is a co-founder of Reform AMT and chair of it’s Congressional Committee.) Our guest speakers will explain why AMT relief was necessary and the how a grassroots effort finally succeeded in having it enacted.

Michael Gray is a certified public accountant who has worked continuously in tax practice since 1974. His tax practice has been largely devoted to helping people with problems related to employee stock options. He writes a regular newsletter, Michael Gray, CPA’s Option Alert, and is the author of the second edition of Secrets of Tax Planning for Employee Stock Options, Stock Grants and ESOPS and Employee Stock Options – Executive Tax Planning, 2008 Edition.

When Michael Gray has an initial consultation meeting with a client, the fee usually ranges from about $410 to $820.

The investment for participating in the telephone conference is $97, plus the amount your long distance provider charges for the long distance service. If your long distance rate is 7 cents per minute, that would be about $6.30.

When we have offered live seminars, many people mentioned problems with the location, etc. This is a way for you to participate from a location that is convenient for you.

In addition, when you register for the seminar, you may request a CD of the teleconference to study at your convenience for $10.

Please fax or mail the enclosed form so that we receive it no later than October 23, 2008 and we will send you the telephone number to call.

Unconditional Guarantee

You must agree this telephone conference has been a valuable experience for you or we will immediately issue a refund check for your investment.

I’m looking forward to sharing the GOOD NEWS about AMT relief and hope you will benefit from it!

May your options increase in value!

Michael Gray's signature

Michael C. Gray

P.S. Be sure to participate in this timely telephone conference presentation about alternative minimum tax liability abatement and refundable minimum tax expansion Thursday, October 30 at 1 p.m., Pacific Time.

Will you benefit from this tax relief legislation? Join the telephone seminar and find out! Remember, there will be a 30-minute question and answer session when you may have an opportunity to have your burning question answered.

Your investment is unconditionally guaranteed.

Complete and return the registration form today! (Registration deadline is Tuesday, October 28, 2008.)

© 2008 Michael C. Gray

Praise for Michael Gray’s advice on stock options

"During the tech boom, Silicon Valley workers had surprisingly few places to turn for help with their stock options. Mike Gray was one of them, providing and authoritative voice of prudence in a time of irrational exuberance. Steeped in the complexities of tax laws and strategies, he was among the first to co-author a primer to help workers understand how options worked and how to take money off the table. Secrets of Tax Planning delves much deeper, providing detailed explanations that should serve as a helpful resource for tax pros, investment managers and financial planners – and undoubtedly a few do-it-yourself engineers."

Mark Schwanhausser
Personal finance reporter
San Jose Mercury News
San Jose, California

"Mr. Gray really knows his stock options and he is an expert with ‘AMT’ – Alternative Minimum Tax. Mr. Gray helped me receive a $94,988.00 credit towards my tax liability. The savings in penalty, interest, and stress are worth much, much more – Thanks a $ Million!"

–John Simon

"To Whom It May Concern:

I first met Mike Gray in 1999 to ask his assistance with stock option tax issues. Little did I know back then that over the next few years, Mike would help me with a hairy tax documentation problem, help my wife and me set up our will, provide me with advice on starting my new company, and become our company tax advisor. Along the way, Mike has provided me with excellent legal contacts and even sales reference materials.

Adding it all up, you soon realize that Mike is much more than just a CPA – he is a very knowledgeable advisor and guide in all facets of our financial life. I’m very glad to count Mike Gray as one of my most trusted advisors.

Dean Haritos
Cloudbreak Software, LLC"

"I contacted Michael Gray on April 12 of this year (2007) out of desperation. I had a somewhat complicated situation with stock options that were exercised in 2005 and flipped in 2006 resulting in an early disposition of qualifying options. I had given my papers to a local CPA who gave me the news that I owed the IRS a large mortgage for the transaction with an overall tax rate of over 70% for the options. I then took my papers to a top notch national CPA firm who had their top tax researchers give me the same unbelievable news. An internet search turned up Michael’s firm as stock option experts, and after emailing documents to him, he called me with the news that I in fact was getting a refund because of the early disposition, and had my extensions prepared before the April 15th deadline. Advice, service and client relationship are unsurpassed. If you have ISOs that you are considering exercising, contact an expert such as Michael Gray before you choose to exercise them."

-- Bob Kalish

Registration Form - deadline is Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yes! Sign me up to participate in your "Alternative Minimum Tax Abatement and Refundable Minimum Tax Expansion" telephone conference. I want to find out if I can benefit from this major tax relief legislation.

Michael Gray, CPA will be presenting the seminar, together with guest speakers Teim Carlson, President of the Coalition For Tax Fairness and Angela Hartley and Jay Cena with Reform AMT.

The telephone conference will take place at 1 p.m., Pacific Time on Thursday, October 30, 2008. The presentation will last about 60 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers. My investment for the telephone conference is $97. Guarantee: I must agree this is a valuable conference experience or you will immediately issue a 100% refund.

You will provide the call-in telephone number to me in advance of the telephone seminar date.

Name ___________________________________________________

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_____ In addition to attending the telephone conference, send me a CD of the telephone conference. ($10.00 plus $1.50 shipping and handling and $ .95 sales tax for California residents.)

_____ I can’t attend the telephone conference. Please send me a CD of the program. ($97.00 plus $1.50 shipping and handling and $8.13 sales tax for California residents.

_____ Payment is enclosed (mail orders only)

_____ Charge my Mastercard ____ Visa ____ American Express ____ Discover _____

Credit card number ________________________________________

Expiration __________ Security code __________

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FAX to 408-998-2766

or mail to Michael Gray, CPA
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© 2008 Michael C. Gray

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