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How to use Roth & IRA accounts to provide a secure retirement

Imagine having an income tax-free retirement income!

It’s possible with a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k) account!

How to use Roth and IRA accounts to provide for a secure retirement book cover

In this compact explanation, Michael Gray, CPA gives the highlights of what you need to know to build a big, tax-deferred or tax-free retirement account and get the maximum benefits from it.

And much more!

It is 76 pages of hard-hitting information. This is a “plain talk” explanation that doesn’t require a lot of tax knowledge, but will help you avoid unexpected tax traps.

Listen to Michael Gray's interview on Dresser After Dark on the topic of Roth and traditional IRAs:

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"Finally a book on IRAs anyone can understand!"

- Ron LeGrand
Real Estate teacher and Millionaire maker

"The world of retirement accounts can be complex and mysterious to the average investor or retirement saver. This work by Michael Gray simplifies much of the jargon and complex rules. As such, the typical consumer can learn and take advantage of the positive aspects of savings vehicles, in particular, the Roth IRA that is probably the best U.S. savings vehicle ever created."

- Tom W. Anderson
President, Retirement Industry Trust Association (RITA) and Founder and Vice Chairman
PENSCO Trust Company

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1. Introduction
2. Why a Roth or IRA is a key element in a retirement plan
3. Roth or IRA?
4. Single-person 401(k) and SEP alternatives for the Self-Employed
5. What kinds of investments can you hold in a Roth or IRA?
6. What kinds of transactions can you do with your Roth or IRA? (Prohibited transactions)
7. Making alternative investments in a Roth or IRA using a self-directed account
8. When Roths and IRAs pay taxes – The Unrelated Business Income Tax
9. Where to get help with your investments
10. Creating a bigger account – rollovers from qualified plans (401(k)s)
11. Converting a tax deferred account to a tax free account – at a price (Roth conversions)
12. What distributions can you take from a Roth or IRA before age 59 ½?
13. Distributions permitted from a Roth or IRA for age 59 ½ and later
14. Required distributions during the participant’s lifetime after age 70 ½
15. Valuation and retirement accounts
16. Estate planning for IRAs and Roths
17. Handling an IRA or Roth account after a death
18. Divorce
19. For more information
20. About the author
Appendix A – Retirement Plan Calendar checklist for after a death
Appendix B – IRS Actuarial Tables for Distributions

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